Flat Craftworks

FLAT is an Istanbul-based furniture design and production company.

Sustainable Production
We only use dead and fallen trees. We craft beautiful and functional objects that ensure sustainability. All FLAT products are handcrafted from 100% natural and recycled materials. Our ecological design principle is to meet human needs while respecting nature.

Supporting Artisanal Craftsmanship
We collaborate with some of the best masters of carpentry and blacksmithing in Istanbul. Each FLAT product is hand-produced according to timeless principles and methods that ensure high quality and longevity. By buying FLAT products, you will be supporting the artisanal communities in Istanbul while enjoying unique, 100 % hand-crafted furniture and lighting in your home and workspace.

The Story
We started working with wood after realizing that the length of the roots is equal to that of the trunk and leaves. Each FLAT product is as unique as the slice of wood it is made out of. We design products we want to use ourselves. We hope you do, too.

Custom Solutions?
We customize the dimensions of our designs to the physical requirements of each client. We also accept location-specific furniture and lighting design commisions to cater to your functional needs and aesthetic pleasure.